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    & Risk.

    Specialising in Corporate Governance, Insurance, Legal Risk, Management and Mitigation.

    Corporate Governance

    Providing advice in relation to:

    • Directors’ & Officers’ liability
    • Regulatory issues
    • Investigations
    • Proactive risk management
    • Litigation risk control


    • Policy and coverage advice – front-end commercial advice; and
    • Policy and coverage advice in the event of an insurance coverage dispute
    • Experience acting for both corporate insureds, select insurers and reinsurers

    Providing advice on:

    • Mitigating risk for effective business strategy and outcomes
    • Compliance issues
    • Crisis management (from a legal perspective)
    • Dispute resolution strategy, negotiation and mediation


    We identify the most effective strategy to produce the optimal resolution for clients. Dispute resolutions options we utilise (together with litigation) include:


    A firm, but fair approach to the Other Party, enabling the prospects for sensible and constructive negotiation to occur at any time. Past results reflect some of the success of this approach.

    Early settlement

    Litigation is sometimes necessary to clarify the issues and what is at stake, but this does not preclude the scope to then negotiate a sensible resolution – whether by direct negotiation, mediation or some other form of early neutral resolution.

    We act as a mediator, as well as advise and/or represent a party at mediation.

    Disputes, let alone litigation, are an adversarial (and often acrimonious) process which can blinker the client and/or their legal team. Sometimes bringing in an independent lawyer, who can objectively assess the matter in the present, provides a fresh perspective on resolution options and strategy.

    For the same reasons, it can be more productive to let the litigation lawyers work on the litigation, while appointing a separate lawyer to work in tandem on settlement. This allows the existing team to focus on the litigation and trial preparation, while a lawyer independent of the litigation advises on settlement options, strategy and implementation – whether by direct negotiation, mediation or other ADR process.

    Litigation –

    Extensive experience and expertise in successfully handling a wide range of commercial litigation matters:

    Class actions

    Both on the defence and plaintiff side.

    Director & Officer liability

    Advice and representation.

    Experience acting for insurers and policyholders in coverage disputes and recovery actions.

    Including white collar crime and investigations, Royal Commissions, Inquiries and acting for regulators and defendants.

    Solve | Resolve are able to work virtually ‘in-house’ for clients to manage major litigation and/or alongside their existing lawyers, to provide independent and solution orientated strategic advice on commercial disputes and litigation matters.